My Brakes Failed And Then…

My daughter, Anna, shared about her new rollerblades with you last week and how REWARDS are a GOOD Thing in life. But she didn’t tell you that she not only got all her siblings on roller blades, she even got her dear old dad on roller blades!

Today I want to tell you about when my brakes failed, but first let me share with you about when I was farming back in 1978.

In high school I worked for a grass seed farmer.  I manually pulled out miles of wire fencing, picked up thousands of rocks out of newly claimed fields and even re-landscaped his wife’s front yard by pulling the old sod out of the ground with hoe and spade.  But what was the most enjoyable was driving the tractor, plowing the 800 some odd acres of ground and then watching the newly planted seeds come up for next year’s harvest.

Anyone who has driven a tractor all day knows the power of turning brakes.  Turning brakes are awesome inventions that assist you turning the tractor on a dime.  And after plowing all day long starting at 8 in the morning and working until 9 in the evening you can develop a habit of stomping on the brake pedal to make a ninety degree turn quickly and efficiently.

That habit, however, doesn’t translate well to driving a car, as I can attest to.  On more than one occasion during the drive home from the farm, I found myself stomping on the brakes to make a ninety-degree corner in the road only to quickly recover from my mistake before my back end slid out of control.

Now in the farming offseason, I worked at a local roller rink.  I was on skates from 4pm to 10:30pm many nights of the week and 3pm to 1am many a Friday and Saturday night.

And on roller skates you have a right toe brake that is very efficient and effective.  You can quickly jump up spin around and stop instantly by applying your toe brake.  Or you can gently transition from skating forward to backwards and come to a smooth controlled stop.

But guess what? I quickly found out that neither of those two methods of braking work with roller blades.

Habits, you see, are funny things and it took several times with me landing flat on my knees, elbows and even wrists to “remind myself” that there are NO toe brakes on roller blades!  The only thing that happens when you try to apply toe brakes that aren’t there, is that you land on your face…quick and hard. (Trust me!)

Just like the turning brake habit I developed from driving a tractor, I also developed a habit of applying toe brakes when I wanted or needed to stop while wearing roller skates.  And it has taken me a few hard falls to knock some sense into my roller blading reflexes so I’m not trusting in a habit that is no longer pertinent.  The lesson learned was this:  Different Environment/Different Habit, if you want to survive.

At McFie Insurancewe love to help others grow wealthier every year.  We show them how they can have guaranteed growth, access to their money and leave a legacy. You see, many people have found that using some popularly suggested places to save their money can literally put the breaks on them and financially. Many people have found themselves flat on their faces financially…bloody, bruised and broken.

The truth is, if you want Different results you have to have Different Habits.

You see, too many people still believe that saving money is all they need to do in order to live, grow and thrive in the financial world out there.  But savings is only the first basic thing that you need to do in order to survive today.  In fact, saving in the wrong places is environmentally dangerous as you could end up losing everything and end up flat on your face financially.

Developing Different Habits for a Different Environment takes practice, skill and knowledge.  At McFie Insurancewe are proud to help you understand what we call The Perpetual Wealth Code™, the one and only proven method of guaranteeing that you can grow wealthier every year without having to stomp on your turning brake or fall flat on your face using antiquated habits that no longer work in today’s financial environment.

But the urgent news is that if The Perpetual Wealth Code™ is NOT working for you then you are losing money that could have been yours to manage and profit from yourself.

It’s not magic, it’s not an MLM and it’s not investing.  It’s about you and your money and how much of it you want to keep and manage for yourself and for your loved ones. The nice thing about The Perpetual Wealth Code™ is you don’t have to buy anything for it to work for you.

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