Mountains Out of Mole Hills

That was what Grandma used to say when somebody took offense.  And she was absolutely right.  But today its hard to read the news, watch a sport, attend an event, or have a conversation without somebody taking offense.  And the crazy thing is, what does it accomplish?  Getting all bent out of shape over something you can’t control or alter by blowing a gasket makes no sense at all.

The reality is that we tend to focus way too much energy on the things that we can’t change while ignoring the things we can and should.

And so in our society a mountain range has evolved that many believe needs to be navigated instead of stepping on a few mole hills and making them disappear.  But I’ve got good news for those who really want to make problems disappear in their life!  You don’t have to worry about the mountain range that everybody else is trying to navigate.  You simple have to step up and take action.

And here is the reason why.  That mountain range is only an imaginary illusion which in reality is a few mole hills kicked up in hopes that you might take offense and in so doing, make them monumental.  And as Grandma implied, if you fuss and make a ruckus over any mole hill it will grow into a mountain.  This is as true about money and finances as it is with other things in your life.

Take for example that “Nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test”[i] This is a mountain which originated as a mole hill because the failure rate in basic financial literacy has become worse, not better, over time.  And all it would take to circumvent this mountain would be to use a knowledge to step on the mole hill and make it disappear.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees (another one of Grandma’s famous adages).  And yet so many people today believe that money will grow on speculation through diversification.  But contrary to the mountain of “evidence” produced to persuade you to speculate through diversification, the words of the “Oracle from Omaha” explicitly warn that “Diversification is for ignorant investors and does not help those who know what they are doing.”  And following his own advice Buffet racked up a $12.3 billion gain, more than any other billionaire in the United States in 2016.[ii]

So what financial mole hills are you fussing and fuming about in life?  Realize first that you are producing an insurmountable mountain financially for yourself with all the ruckus.  Secondly, you by stepping on those little mole hills you could move forward without any further trouble.  But not so surprisingly you probably won’t, unless you work with someone who has already accomplished what you are attempting.

That is why we encourage you to contact us.  We specialize in creating mole hills out of insurmountable financial mountains because all it takes is financial knowledge which is a plain and simple language that anybody with a 4th grade education can understand and follow.  You don’t need some specialist, certified guru or fee charging financial wizard to make your mole hills into mountains for you.  All you need is the willingness to stand up and take responsibility and have a mentor who has traveled this path before, stepping on each mole hill and making them the stepping stones to your financial success and abundance.

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Make 2017 the year you become more literate financially and become wealthier for doing so.