“Making More Than 14 Countries In The World”

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that the passion and purpose behind it is to help people become their own Money Manager because Money Managers make the most!  And we just happen to believe that the more money you keep of what you make the more fulfilled, happy and charitable you can become.

Let me clarify.  Making money is good!  And keeping more of what you make is even better.  But making money at somebody else’s expense is an evil.  This evil has destroyed more liberties and freedom than can be counted.

That is because life is not a zero sum game.  Those who believe that somebody has to lose in order for somebody else to gain simply don’t understand true wealth.  And even when they do manage to make more money, they never seem to get to enjoy the true wealth that having more money can bring because their belief system destroys it all for them.

For example, Ken Griffin the number one Money Manager of 2014 earned 1.3 billion dollars last year.  Yet he is currently locked in a nasty divorce because his wife is accusing him of “failing to maintain his children’s lifestyles.”[i]  No wealth, but plenty of bitterness and anger there.

And the list goes on.

The top 25 Money Managers of 2014 earned 12 Billion dollars combined.  That was down from the previous year when they topped 21 Billion.

To put things into perspective in order to make it into the top 25 Money Managers List you would have had to make $175 million.  And the top 4 in that group of 25 each made more than 14 countries of the world collected in taxes during the same period.

ALL that by managing other people’s money!

So why aren’t more people Managing Their Own Money?  Why do they continue to let the Money Managers of the world keep getting richer off of them by letting them manage their money for them?

Here are the facts:

If you pay 2.5% to a Money Manager to manage your money[ii]

  • 80% of the compounding returns will end up in the hands of the Money Manager NOT in yours[iii]
  • On top of that at least 3% of your gains will be eaten up by inflation[iv]
  • So nearly half of your returns will be gone by the time you retire[v]

Knowing this it makes total sense to take charge of your own money and become your own Money Manager because then you can keep the 80% for yourself!  And while you are at it why not protect your money from inflation as well using the only hedge against inflation that is guaranteed today.

As one CPA told me when I was sharing this with him… “Why would anybody want to do this?  They’d just have more money to spend.” 

At McFie Insurancewe don’t believe others should be taking your profits and becoming richer than many countries in the world simply because they believe your loss should be their gain.  We believe that you need to keep more of what you make.  And furthermore, we believe that you can make the world a safer, happier and better place if you do get to keep more of the money you make.

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 NO fees, service charges or penalties because your MONEY is yours to MANAGE not ours!  We simply show you how to become your own Money Manager by disclosing The Perpetual Wealth Code.™

The Perpetual Wealth Code™ has several key components and those who keep more of the money they make have used each of them successfully.  You too can benefit from the things that they use to keep more of the money you make without any risk, penalty or paying fees to someone else.

Looking forward to your call.

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