“The Mad Rush To Nowhere”

Ever feel that the world keeps getting faster and faster?  Ever notice that your day is packed full but you seem to complete less?  Ever wonder that the more you undertake the fewer results you actually achieve?

Recently a message was posted online that was spot-on. “Where will we go today so we can stare at our cell phones all day?”

All around us, there is more going on than ever before.  Yet it seems less and less is really being accomplished.  We still face undeniable racial issues, immeasurable violence, insistent homelessness, untold mental illness, rampant drug addiction (both to prescription and non-prescription drugs) and retired folks keep running out of money in spite of Social Security and all the other programs to assist them.  Today there are more people not working than ever before in our history. And along with that, there are more people dependent on government to feed, clothe, educate, house and medicate them than what can continue to be sustained for many more years.

Yet never before has there been a better occasion or greater access to knowledge that could succour anyone who strongly desires to improve his or her current condition.  Tragically, and somewhat pitifully, those who would benefit the most from this access to knowledge and opportunity are the least likely to benefit, not because they’ve been denied access or occasion but because they are in The Mad Rush To Nowhere!

There’s the Mad Rush To 5 o’clock, the Mad Rush To The Week-End, the Mad Rush To Vacation and/or Party Time and the Mad Rush To Retirement.  In fact, the Mad Rush to Retirement has led some folks to stop looking for meaningful work, choosing instead to be satisfied with living off the system.

This unproductive spirit of satisfaction has in many cases replaced the self-sacrificing ambition to accomplish and achieve greater and better things.  In fact, it conceivably could be the Maddest Rush To Nowhere of all because it destroys the opportunity for progress.  Distressingly, without progress we are doomed to repeat history where sacking and looting are the law of governing and despotism and depreciation are the norm instead of creativity and advancement.

The Mad Rush To Nowhere has been epitomized as the journey towards utopia.  A point in time where you, and everyone else, can, at long last, kick up your feet, sip on your favorite drink and watch the clouds go by day after day without another a worry or care. But here are the cold hard facts about The Mad Rush To Nowhere.

An average lifespan for a female today is 81 years and 76 for a male.  But that average is an “at birth” average.  If you are a 65-year-old female, you have a 28% chance of living another 25 years, to age 90. If you are a male, you have a 30% chance of living until age 87.

So what happens when you’ve been Madly Rushing Towards 81 or 76, respective of your gender, and then find out you have another 9 to 11 years?  The answer is fast and hard…you run out of money!  You may have accumulated enough to sit back, kick up your feet and sip your favorite drink until age 81 or 76 but NOT through age 90!

You see The Mad Rush to Nowhere really does lead to somewhere.  Dorothy found the Yellow Brick Road did lead her to the Wizard, but he was a false Wizard and provided her no help.  Tragically, The Mad Rush To Nowhere is leading many folks to a place nobody ever wants to go or end up.

The only alternative to ending up in that place is to stop The Mad Rush To Nowhere today!  Take advantage of knowledge and opportunity(s) that will secure your future with guarantees and legally binding contracts.  Gaining knowledge of The Perpetual Wealth Code™ WILL get you to where you DO want to go.  And even more importantly once you get there it can provide you with the resources affording you the ability to spend as much time there as needed comfortably.