Libertarian or Contrarian

What an honor to present at Freedom Fest 2016 along with other greats like Steve Forbes, Judge Andrew Napolitano, George Foreman and Wayne Allen Root!

As with all political gatherings, there were a lot of opinions being tossed about and it was intriguing to listen to what others were saying about who should be the next president, how to kill the IRS, audit the Federal Reserve, invest your money, the pro’s and con’s of legalizing marijuana and a host of other significantly less important topics.

What was most interesting to overhear though was the complete lack of logic people used to justify their positions, which confirms a well-known point: “People make major decisions in life based on emotions not fact.”   And so it was amazing to hear the lack of perception and discernment some of these self aggrandized intellectuals exercised while defending and campaigning their opinion.

But that is what academia has fostered in America… a spirit of decisiveness instead of educated minds.  Only in academia will you find more ideas than practical knowledge.  Fortunately, many of the attendees possessed great practical experience, and so we had a wonderful time sharing the power of the Perpetual Wealth Code™ with them.

One thing stands out clearly after attending this event.  The Libertarian movement in this country is not necessarily liberty minded.  Don’t get me wrong here because classical Libertarianism is a good thing, but today’s Libertarian movement seems to blame government for everything and exonerate the personal free will of individuals regardless of how they add or reduce the value of society.  This certainly is an easy cop-out that the Libertarian movement uses frequently.

However, the real problem is not government but a corrupt government run by those who believe their personal free will is better than yours.

That is big difference from ALL government!  And it is this big difference that separates a true Libertarian from simply being a Contrarian who thinks themselves intellectual.

Government is an essential part of any great society.  Obviously it must be limited and representative not oppressive and tyrannical.  But without any government in place anarchy would ensue.  And despondently, it appears that many in the Libertarian movement today are nothing more than Contrarian antichrists who are opposed to anything, anyone and everything they don’t happen to like, including government of any form that they can’t control and run themselves.

Ironically, the Libertarian movement appears to largely have become an atheistic, in-your-face critic of anyone who acknowledges the Creator, the giver of all inalienable rights.  Yet these intellectual Contrarians busy themselves espousing how their rights originated from within themselves not some Creator and because of this belief they insist that they have the “right” to do whatever, whenever and however they choose.

This is not liberty!  This is the perfect recipe for chaos and disaster because such ideas, when fleshed out, ultimately produce disorder and unproductiveness, not stability and constructiveness.  And the result of such disorder and unproductiveness always results in poverty and oppression regardless of how cerebral or scholastic the argument conjured up to endorse these positions may be.

These intellectual Contrarians who call themselves Libertarians, seem to thrive on argument and ridicule, putting down anything they hear regardless of their understanding.  They thrive on their ability to intimidate by using bigger, gander and more voluptuous words.  How radically different is this from the classical Libertarian who primarily seeks to add value and productiveness under the genuine spirit of freedom and liberty.

And so Freedom Fest was a great opportunity to share the truth with the thousands of attendees who were looking for something better, something productive and something more secure than empty words and platitudes.  And those looking for the truth found it in the Perpetual Wealth Code™. That’s what happens when someone is earnestly seeking the truth on managing their own money.