The Latest Headline Read: 50% of Obamacare Customers End Up Owing IRS

Why doesn’t that headline shock you?

Maybe its because the Government has never been real good at keeping its side of a bargain.

Maybe its because people misunderstood what Obamacare was really going to be.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was intended to end up that way from the beginning.

The facts are that government has never been really good at keeping its promises to the American people.  Social Security Benefits is a good example of that.  Sold to the American public as an insurance policy it was later legally shown to be a subsidy, not an insurance policy. That is why government can legally limit how much or how little is paid out to you of what you paid in.

On the other hand, people do misunderstand what laws really mean and how they are to be applied and interpreted. That is one reason case law is so important.  But you can’t help but remember what the speaker of the house said before this bill became the law, “We have to pass the bill before you know what is in it.”[i]

Then there is the pernicious thought that this outcome was planned.  And that carries some weight too because those who got Obamacare and are in the “300 to 400 percent level of poverty will have to pay $1,380 on average”[ii] to the IRS this year while those who “broached the 400 percent”[iii] level will owe the IRS $2,306.

And if Social Security wasn’t bad enough, there’s the government qualified plan method of saving your money for retirement.

Qualified plans like 401(k)s, IRAs, SEPs, 403(b)s and the lot have now been shown to cost you more in taxes than if you’d never participated in them.

So again, is this because government has never been real good at keeping its side of a bargain?

Is it because people misunderstood what qualified plans really are?

Or might it just have been planned to turn out this way?

Regardless of the reason the outcome is the same.  The price you will pay isn’t going down anytime soon.

Isn’t it time for you to seriously consider what it is that banks, large corporations and smart moneyed people are doing to protect and grow their wealth?  One thing is for sure.  Government involvement is a sure way to guarantee that something isn’t going to turn out the way you thought it would.

Maybe its time for government to do what it promised it would do:  Protect our borders from those who want to come here and be non-productive or conduct criminal activity, administer swift and fair trials, keep our infrastructure updated as well as safe and make sure our constitutional rights are not curtailed by passing laws that restrict our use of our private property.

Then we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with what to do to create more wealth.  With a government so balanced free people always become more productive, producing more than a country can ever use for itself.  This creates a surplus that then can provide the rest of the world with the energy, the creativity, the innovation and the wealth needed to become a free people as well. And the cycle continues.

[i] Nancy Pelosi March 9, 2010

[ii] Dailycaller, Half of Obamacare Customers To End Up Owning IRS Hundreds Back For Subsidies, March, 24, 2015

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