Lasting Wealth

Wealth resides, not in ownership, but in contentment.  In other words, don’t allow what you do not have to destroy the wealth that you already possess. If you accomplish this, you will experience the wealth that only comes with contentment.

Yet, even when you find contentment there should remain within you a certain level of dread of what you could be compared to what you currently are.  That is because without this underlying acknowledgment you will fall short of what you were created to be. And, you will never become wealthier.

Bluntly stated, be content but never satisfied.

Many Americans are sated rather than content.  Being sated rather than being content is the feeling that overwhelms you when you’ve eaten a full meal, with all the trimmings, plus dessert, and you can’t even think of eating another bite without feeling uncomfortable.  Sated then, is not contentment but rather a feeling of distress.

Consequently, when you become satisfied in life with your position, your pay, your stewardship or your growth, it can be very distressful.  Accepting the fact that you will never grow, expand, broaden or explore new horizons again is not a good thing!  What a dull and lackluster future that would be for anyone.

However, being appreciative of who you are, where you are and what you have accomplished and attempt to accomplish is what leads to contentment.  And with contentment comes great gain. You came into this world naked as a jaybird and you will leave it, at some point, the same way.  It is only what you accomplish and what you have attempted to accomplish in life that will provide you any gain.

Setting your mind on attaining great riches is a trap because riches can never supply you with the wealth that contentment will provide you.  The wealth you seek comes by serving others and providing them what they can’t provide for themselves.  In doing this you will attain more riches that you can possibly imagine in your life.

This Thanksgiving season, reflect on what is decent, moral, right, wholesome, lovely, admirable, excellent or exemplary.  Realize that doing so will provide you with wealth that lasts.  Being appreciative will build wealth that has no limit on how much you can cultivate and grow in your life.

Appreciativeness is the beginning of contentment.  So, this Thanksgiving, don’t just eat until you are stuffed and sated, rather eat with appreciation, enjoying your contentment.  And may you be blessed with extreme wealth as you appreciate everything that surrounds you.