In the ER?

Years ago when Tom was actively in practice as a Chiropractor he was asked to sit in on a career day at one of the local high schools. The seniors had been preparing projects and Tom was to sit in on the panel of judges.

The big day came and the students read papers explaining their career choices. Then the judges would ask the students questions about their choices.

Tom shook his head as he relayed the story of one of the students later to me that night. This boy declared that he wanted to work as a doctor in ER.

Wow, what a job!  “How noble,” I might have thought if the story had ended there. But it didn’t…

When asked why he wanted to work in ER. He puffed out his chest and haughtily boomed out his response, “I want to have the POWER!”

Woah! I don’t want to go there! I mean, I really don’t want to go there!

Have you ever noticed that some people just want the power…they want to be the leader?  Yes, of course you know about politicians. But I’ll bet you can also think of half a dozen examples right now of people you personally know who want that power. You want to get out of their way, don’t you?

They seem to say, “I’m the leader, follow me!” and expect everyone to fall in line. In fact, they’ll mock and even badger you if you don’t follow them. Isn’t it sad to see the individuals that seem to be subject to their influence?

And have you noticed that true leaders don’t have to make any announcements?  All they do is BE a leader. People follow because they want to…not because they have to.

The leader is a true leader…not a pseudo leader.

Almost everyone finds them-self in the position of leadership sometime during their lifetime.  Whether you’re a parent, employer, entrepreneur or appointed leader, developing the qualities of a leader that people want to follow will directly correlate to your success…and peace of mind!

During his lifetime Zig Ziglar was a great example of a leader… in positive thinking, goal setting and motivation.  Our family enjoys listening to his recordings and a few even had the opportunity to hear him live.

So it’s our pleasure to have Tom Ziglar, Zig’s son and leader of the Ziglar Corporation, join us in a Teleconference next Wednesday, July  8th. He will share valuable insight about developing the qualities of a good leader. If that’s the kind of leader you want to be, you’ll want to join us Wed the 8th here: