How to Eat Your “Cabbage” and Have it Too

In a recent meeting with a client he was accessing an online business loan to help with some of the cash flow in his business.  Advantages to using this online line of credit were:

  1. Quick and easy cash when needed.
  2. Easy online payment schedule.
  3. No penalties for early repayment.
  4. Interest paid on business loans are tax deductible.

During his annual review meeting we discussed his cash flow needs in further detail.  It was then that this client realized that all the benefits listed above AND more were already at his disposal through his participating whole life insurance polices. Wow!

On top of all these benefits, by using his life insurance cash values via a loan against his policy he would still earn all dividends provided along with a guarantee that his “line of credit” would be restored every time he made a loan repayment and his line of credit would increase every time he made a premium payment. That sounds similar to how living things work.  The more you use your muscles the stronger they get.

But perhaps one of the very best little known secrets of using a life insurance policy instead of any line of credit is the fact that when the interest on a policy loan is paid to the insurance company the profits of the insurance company increase.  And it is from the profits of an insurance company that a participating policy owner receives their dividends.

So what about Cabbage?  That was a new one for me. But yesterday I received a piece of mail by US Post, which outlined the exact same online business loan our client was using.  And there it was in black and white…they called it “Cabbage.”  Not moola, dough, bread, or even bacon, but cabbage.  Wow!  You can learn something new every day.  But then it doesn’t matter what you call your money if you can’t keep and control more of it.

And that’s why the Perpetual Wealth Code™ is such an important model for you to use in managing your money.  Once you deploy the Perpetual Wealth Code™ you will have passed into a distinct class of individuals and business owners who realize that it doesn’t matter what you call it or how much of it you make.  The important thing is how much do you get to keep of what you spend every day.

As you know, another word for money is currency.  Obviously currency denotes that your money has to flow in order to be of any value.  And as you spend money your money always flows away from you, not towards you.  But when you make plans and designs for your money to flow back to you based on the Perpetual Wealth Code™ you will have more money when you need it the most.   Clearly, when you need it the most would be the worst time to run out of money because banks, online business loans, and the like don’t lend money to people who don’t have money.  And that’s not cabbage.  That’s life.

If you are looking for a way to keep more of the money you spend in your life.  If you are tired of paying other people interest, fees and service charges for the use of their money, give us a call now 702-660-7000 or click here to get the eBook Prescription For Wealth and discover how to keep more of the money you make and more of the money you spend.