How Is The Perpetual Wealth Code™ Unique?

The most frequently asked question I receive is; “How is The Perpetual Wealth Code™ different from…?” Fill in with: the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), Becoming Your Own Banker (BYOB), Bank or Yourself (BOY), Freedom Fast Track (FFT) and the slue of other names and acronyms that are out there advocating the purchase of high cash value life insurance.

And that is a legitimate question, which deserves a straightforward answer.

At McFie Insuranceour goal is to help you understand that wealth is not just how to leverage money in a life insurance policy.  Money is only one aspect of wealth.

And those who focus too much on the money fail to profit from the riches resultant to the many other facets of wealth that are accessible to enjoy.

In fact, those who don’t value these other facets of wealth like; health, productivity, abundance, relationships, creating a heritage and making this world a better place for everybody to live and function in, tend to gravitate away from McFie Insuranceand The Perpetual Wealth Code™ because it is these very facets that make us so different and unique from everybody else.

That’s because all of us at McFie Insuranceespouse these values, and The Perpetual Wealth Code™ incorporates these values into your life because we believe that nobody can really win their Financial GAME if what they are doing to create money is causing pain, suffering or distress to others.

For example, many life insurance policies that I have reviewed have been written and sold by agents who advocate IBC, BOY, FFT, or one of the many other concepts, processes or systems that are out there.  Pathetically, many of these policies are polices that someone is complaining that they can no longer afford to pay the premiums on because the policy was designed in the agent’s best interest and NOT the client’s.  Still other policies have zero to little cash values, or are not participating policies and now the client is wondering if they should continue to pay the policy premiums or just cut their losses and let the policy lapse.

One such policy I reviewed was so poorly designed that the owner would have had nearly double the cash value in his policy if it has been designed with cash values in mind instead of commissions paid.  And another had premiums that increase while cash values decrease a few years prior to that client reaching age 59.

Nobody wants that to happen to them, and you shouldn’t have to have it happen to you, your family, your friends or your business associates.

So how does McFie Insuranceand The Perpetual Wealth Code™ differ from other concepts and systems that advocate using cash value life insurance?  Here are just a few important differences.  The Perpetual Wealth Code™ and the McFie InsuranceTeam are unique in that:

  1. You don’t always need cash value life insurance to benefit and profit from The Perpetual Wealth Code™
  2. You never have to take money out of your life insurance policy when using The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
  3. You always benefit from the time proven strategy known as “Free Cash Flow” when using The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
  4. You always profit from the respected “10-20-70 rule” when you use The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
  5. You never have to worry about becoming a banker when you use The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
  6. You never pay fees, service charges, commissions, or interest that doesn’t profit you when you implement The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
  7. You always save more when you use The Perpetual Wealth Code™.

On top of all these unique factors you get the assurance of knowing that your win is not at the expense of somebody else’s loss.  In other words, you get to experience the wealth of knowing that what you are doing is profiting not only you but others as well.   The community of other like-minded people from around the world who truly understand The Perpetual Wealth Code™ are happy to win their financial wealth game because they know that because of what they are doing others are winning too!

That is The Perpetual Wealth Code™!

Simply put, we don’t just sell a program, a system or a concept at McFie Insurance.  Instead we invite you to join the experience!  The experience of doing what it takes to make yourself a winner because you were designed to win.

This winning experience is one where you get to be part of a living, breathing, organized body that is creating wealth for others based on values like; health, relationships, abundance and productivity.

You are invited to be part of this special group of people from around the world.