“How Burger King Out-Witted McDonalds”

…And How You Can Profit from the Know How

My mom took a tumble in the wee hours of the morning several weeks ago. This meant a ride in the ambulance to the hospital.  And after x-rays and CT scans we were told she had a broken arm and were sent home with a sling for her to wear.

But here’s the crazy thing. While waiting for results on the x-ray and CT scan, we overheard a fellow in the next room threatening all the nurses and screaming that he wanted the cuffs off.  Not long afterward, police officers showed up and escorted him off the premises. I couldn’t help but think, how the dignity of those who were there honorably that night were trampled upon merely because the system attempts to protect the rights of those who have already violated the rights of others.

Unfortunately, many financial advisors, operate in the same way.  They merely leach off the production others generate.  We know this because, time and time again it has been proven that financial planners and money managers DO NOT perform any better than an average individual who manages their own portfolio.  Of course, this is true as long as you do your homework, understand the math, are comfortable with calculating present value and future value, know your limitation AND are honest with yourself.

But what is the biggest reason why professional advisors fail consistently to match market returns? Simply put, it’s the Market, itself.[i]  Being so focused on trying to beat the market average, they consistently overlook or underestimate the risks to which they are exposing you and your money.  This is a risk that you can’t afford to assume.  And what’s even more crucial, when you hire a money manager, they skim a fee off the top of your portfolio each and every year.  And with a small 1% fee, that will destroy over 17% of your profits over the next 30 years.

So how can you keep more of that money for yourself?

Years ago Burger King discovered that McDonald’s was spending millions of dollars to determine where the next McDonald’s restaurant should be built.  Instead of spending all that money themselves, Burger King simply waited for McDonald’s to do the research, and then they built their next restaurant in an essentially indistinguishable location. And that is what you can do with your own money and investments.  This will help you eliminate the risks associated with traditional financial planning.  You merely have to mirror those who are wealthy and do with your money what they are doing with their money.

One of the most common things that wealthy people do with their money is to protect it against future volatility.  Without this protection in place, you face the risk of losing everything that you have.  Protecting what you have, as well as what you plan to have in the future, allows you to become independently sustainable.  Without this kind of sustainability, no amount of money will ever provide you the security that you need to offset the volatility that you will face in the future.  It isn’t a matter of if, but only when.

Taxes, interest costs, inflation, fees and penalties to access your savings will cripple you as well.  That is why wealthy people always keep their money accessible.  Accessibility permits you to capitalize on opportunities, and opportunities, just like volatility, will happen throughout your life time.  If you have accessible capital to take advantage of those opportunities, then you will create greater profits than if you don’t have accessibility at those times.

Of course, Participating Whole Life Insurance, is used by an untold number of wealthy people to protect them from unnecessary risk. In this way, even if there is a tumble financially, they don’t lose the growth that belongs to them, on that money. You can do the same thing.

You can’t always avoid the tumbles in life, but you can eliminate the risk associated with those tumbles if you take charge of your own financial planning today.  For pennies on the dollar you can protect what you have today as well as what you plan on having tomorrow, with the right kind of Participating Whole Life Insurance.

You no longer have to subject your dignity to those who trample on your rights simply because the system honors the rights of those who have already violated the rights of others more than it does your rights to keep your own profits.  Discover the proven way to win your financial game.  Click here now https://mcfieinsurance.com/store-detail#WinningYFG for your personal manual and study guide.

[i] https://www.investopedia.com/articles/stocks/08/invest-on-your-own.asp