We Get Noticed!  But Who Cares?

For the most part, the emails and responses received off this blog are both positive and supportive.  In fact, only twice in the last seven years have the blog been exposed to negative or disparaging feedback due to the content and opinions expressed.  But the second one was a real doozy and just came in this last week.  In fact, it was so facetious, it was entertaining.

It came in an e-mail from an annoyed individual who took offense at the “What Difference Does It Make…Really” blog of 11-16-16.  This person happened to have a lot of letters behind their name, which nobody outside their profession would ever notice let alone recognize, still they were proud enough to post in their signature line.  This is noteworthy because it’s amazing how many professionals attempt to find credibility and recognition through special programs and fellowships, which nobody really cares, or gives a hoot, about outside their own profession.

But the bottom line is this, if you desire credible public recognition it happens when you swim with bigger fish in the big pond of life, actually providing services to others, not by how many letters you can attach to your signature line.  And that’s not to denigrate special programs or fellowships.  It’s only that nobody really knows what those letters behind your name really mean besides the fish in your own pond.

Swimming with bigger fish in the bigger pond of life will give you exposure to a larger number of people and therefore enhance your credibility as you live with integrity, honesty and virtue.

Without these three character qualities and the exposure they provide, it doesn’t really matter how many letters you affix behind your name, nobody really cares, except you.

But the multiple letters behind this person’s name only adds to the ludicrousness of their call for me to retract and apologize the blog of 11-16-16.  Their caustic, cathartic and condescending call for retraction only catalyzed the desire to more boldly proclaim genuine and factual material in this blog.  This is because attitudes of superiority and condescension never create an atmosphere of cooperation or mutual collaboration.  And that is the hilariously funny thing about this.  The entire blog of 11-16-16 “What Difference Does It Make…Really”, was all about treating others with respect and dignity not with threats, condescension and disdain.

Really, what lucid, sensible and stable person wants to cooperate, appease or entertain anyone who is demanding, dictatorial or caustically sarcastic. And for those very reasons my opinion is more resolute, now than ever, to press forward with no intentions of retraction or apology.  Scathing words and corrosive attitudes have never tempted me to alter my opinion or position, and they never will.  All they do is provide the determination to proclaim the truth and the facts as they become known to me.  And, yes, they do provide that ludicrous form of comical hilarity that we all need to have to prevent us from thinking too highly of ourselves.

So thank you for the second negative response in seven years of blogging.  It has provided yet another reason to continue posting this blog.  And with this thanks comes the expressed hope that you realize that we still live in America, not some tyrannical dictatorship or police state, where others can demand and obtain submission to differing opinions and ideas.

In America, our words and expressions are ours to freely express and enjoy without submitting to the demands of censorship or the self-appointed politically correct police that can’t tolerate anything besides their own narrow opinions and ideas.

In America, if you don’t like what you see and read, simply unsubscribe.  It’s that unpretentious. America the beautiful, the strong, the indiscriminate, the powerful and the home of the brave.

To the thousands of delightful people who have expressed their gratitude and provided encouragement over the years, “Thank you!”  Your continued support and the relationship we share are unbelievable.  Gene Simmons, the legendary songwriter, singer, actor, musician, entrepreneur and television personality chooses to celebrate every ‘above ground day’ because as he says, “You can’t go through life and leave things the way they are.  We can all make a difference, and if I die today, I know I will have made a difference.”

Knowing that today is another “above ground day” for me, I purpose to celebrate too, by making a difference.  That is because I care.  I care for you and I care for America and the rest of the world.  God bless you, and God bless America!