Being “Fitted” Instead of Getting “Sized Up”

Being sized up is uncomfortable.  And it happens all the time.

That is because we humans tend to size up everyone and everything based on our past experiences.  Obviously this has proven to have some value or the human race would have discarded and replaced it with some other more reliable immediate evaluation process centuries ago.

But contrary to the instantaneous decisions we all have to make in life, there are choices which need to be made that need more assessment and understanding.  To arrive at these higher end conclusions, it requires considerable thought and reflection if we are to avoid unintentional consequences.  And money matters definitely fall into this latter category of choices versus the quick size ups that we all come by so naturally.

Money matters cannot quickly or spontaneously be sized up by anyone who hasn’t taken the time to measure the consequences.

It stands to reason that money matters should never be treated like buying a cheap pair of shoes or flip flops.  Instead, money matters should be treated like purchasing an expensive new pair of shoes that are going to remain in your wardrobe for years to come.

On such occasions you definitely want to be fitted not merely sized up.

Despondently, most people settle for a quick size up instead of being fitted when it comes to money matters.  And their financial future is compromised because of such poor determination.  This is, in part, why over 94 million Americans are not in the work force today. [i]  Not because there is no work for them to do but because they have not realized that they can choose to be fitted instead of fundamentally being sized up.

Appreciatively, in America you still have the choice of deciding who and what you want to be.  You don’t have to settle for the size you’ve been squeezed into.  You can still seek to be fitted because America is still the land of opportunity. America still rewards those who work and refuse to settle for whatever size has been thrown at them.

The same sun that melts butter cures concrete.  Define your desires!  Determine to make the choices that move you towards fulfilling those desires by acquiring the proper discipline (knowledge).  You CAN fit into your dreams and stop being sized up by your peers, the media, the politicians or anybody else who happens along.

And this is no where truer than when you contemplate your finances.  Many financial advisors and gurus merely size people up and squeeze them into one size; i.e., a 401k, IRA, Mutual Fund, etc.  That’s because fitting is an art that takes time, consideration and understanding.  Disregard for any of these three components results in a one size model which is never a good fit for anybody.

Don’t be fooled by the gurus and slick financial planners who don’t take the time to consider, understand and explain the guaranteed results of their financial plan for you.  Not being fooled will assure you that you are fitted and not merely getting sized up because your money matters.