Ever Use Money As a Packing Material?

Spring is a wonderful time of year.

For many people around the country it means that snow and icy conditions will soon be melted and warmer days are ahead. The grass will be turning green and the crocus and daffodils will be pushing up to add their color and enjoyment to the world.

As I write this blog we are still in Oregon, packing for our move to Henderson, NV.  Here in Oregon we’ve  experienced a rather mild winter compared to our East Coast clients. The strong winds and thundering rainstorms that will keep Oregon green for the upcoming hot, dry months of July and August are a thrill to observe.

It is fascinating to watch the cycles that God has designed into nature.  Perhaps it’s the lunar cycle, the water cycle, or if you’re a health professional, the Krebs cycle.  Everything under creation has a cycle.  Even money.

“Money?” you might say.  And the resounding reply is YES, MONEY.

Money flows from one person to the next for the convenience of exchange.  Who hasn’t heard that money is simply a medium of exchange?  But money is more than just a medium of exchange.  Money is a measure of the value you provide to others.  And because of this fact, money is a divine or mystic thing.

Of course, everybody knows that money today is just pieces of paper with some ink printed or stamped on it with an official mark that makes it legal tender.  But money throughout history has been everything from seashells to wooden sticks, from gold to silver, as well as many other obscure objects and artifacts.

The one thing that money always is however is fluid.  This attribute of money is one of the most important factors of money being money.

If money doesn’t remain fluid…liquid…it will cease to be money because people will no longer value it and will find something else to be used for their exchange of value.

Mounted on the wall of my office are 4 pieces of paper dated January 1922 through February 1923.  The ink on these pieces of paper show that at one time these 4 pieces of paper were valued at 10 million, 1 million, 500,000 and 10,000.  Today they are worthless.  In fact, they were used as packing materials in a package sent from Europe to the United States in the early 1930’s. You won’t find us using dollar bills for our packing materials!

The process from money to worthless packing material is a very simple one.  People stopped valuing these printed pieces of paper for various reasons and these pieces of paper stopped flowing.  Once they stopped flowing their cycle was broken.  Once their cycle was broken nobody would exchange anything for them so they become trash or packaging material.

The fact that people at one time valued these pieces of paper demonstrates the divine or mystical property of money.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  They are all beautiful because of the value they create for the entire year. Disrupt this cycle and the value of each year would be greatly altered.

Money managers, bankers, financial institutions and the like understand the importance that the cycle of money provides to the economy.  Money that flows creates more wealth!  This is a fact that most people have never been taught to understand.  But just as surely as the lunar cycle creates ocean tides, the water cycle creates rain or the Krebs cycle creates usable energy (ATP), your money in circulation creates wealth.

Understanding how to keep the wealth that your money creates by circulation is a lost art today.  Instead of people thinking about creating more wealth you hear them speaking about making more money.  And that is why there is such a large transfer of wealth happening today.  Money is not what makes you wealthy but the proper circulation of money can!

The cycle of money and how to maximize the flow of money to create more wealth is how The Perpetual Wealth Code™ was innately discovered.  We are honored to share this trademarked secret with anyone who is willing to think, act and accept more wealth into his or her life because although Spring is awesome, it takes more than Spring to make an annual cycle.

Just like the Krebs cycle produces a healthier you, the Lunar cycle produces life giving ocean tides and the Water cycle produces essential rain, so The Perpetual Wealth Code™ produces more wealth.  Only those who desire to be wealthier should decide to practice The Perpetual Wealth Code™ because if you don’t value wealth you will always be trying to make more money instead of creating more value.

Living like that would be very much like trying to live a year without Spring.  Something not only absolutely awesome but also essential would be missing.