Ever ask “What’s In It For Me?”

Wealth isn’t just about how much money you have. In fact true wealth is what is left after all your money is gone.

The ancient story about Job, the oldest historical book known to mankind, highlights this moral lesson.  In the book Job discovers what true wealth is after he lost everything…his money, his relationships, his health, his possessions, his influence, yes everything, but his life.

Rewards can also be a form of wealth.  Today I want to treat you with a story written by my 16 year old daughter Anna as she shares about this important form of wealth.

Rewards, they can really motivate us.  Last year I decided to set a reward for myself. When finished with Calculus, I would get a pair of rollerblades! Rollerblading was something I had always wanted to do.

But I knew that I needed to make sure I had my goal before me, so I took out a piece of paper and printed a picture of a rollerblade, then I tacked the paper to the wall where I would be sure to see it when working on Calculus.

You know, just looking at the picture of the rollerblades didn’t get me any closer to getting the rollerblades.  I had to get to work. And the work wasn’t easy. In fact, it was HARD.

Early in the morning, before anyone else was awake, after dinner at night and on the weekends I was studying. Doing double lessons many days.  And it wasn’t easy!  But I was determined those rollerblades were going to be mine…and soon.

Well, the day finally arrived when I turned the last page in the Calculus book.  I finished the course! Boy, how exciting!

I was ready to get the rollerblades! You see, while busy studying Calculus I still had time to do my research on rollerblades…it was easy to find the time for that! I read about all kinds of wheel sizes, wheel bearings, wheel shapes, brakes, brands and pads. I watched videos on starting, stopping, turning, speed, and techniques.

Finally ready to get the kind of skates I wanted, the kind that were best suited for the kind of skating I would be doing, we headed down to the store. And there they were!

Just sitting on the shelf, waiting for me, was my beautiful, shiny black pair of rollerblades set off with a gorgeous color of pink!

Back home, I began a preemptory routine putting on all my fancy protection gear for the elbows, knees and wrists.  (I didn’t want to have too much skin in the game.) After all the synching and strapping and clamping, I felt protected from injury.

Now it was time to put my feet in the new rollerblades! The blades tied just like a regular shoe. A strap strapped tightly over the ankle (it was now LOCKED in) and then up top a cinch strap locked in the leg.

All geared up with elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmet and equipped with a pair of brand new blades, I looked like a true skater, all right.

But looks can be deceiving. And in my case, they were.

You wouldn’t believe how wild those blades turned out to be when I stepped onto the concrete! Having been shut up in a box for so long, I guess they had a bee in their bonnet.

Man alive, those blades slipped right out from under me and sent me sprawling back on the concrete.  Whew, was I glad I had my helmet!

The next thing they did was send me shooting forwards.  Wasn’t I thankful for the knee and wrist guards!

Crashing, sprawling, scraping…yeah, it was quite a day but when night came rolling around, those blades were starting to settle in with only an occasional rebellious act.

The next morning they were even better, so I ventured out onto the road with them.

And by the following day, they only threw me once.

But in all reality, you know it wasn’t the blades at all that caused the trouble, it was my own self.

You see, I had all the knowledge I needed to start skating, but until I actually got out and skated, I didn’t have any experience. After all, it’s experience that makes a good skater.

And you know, this is true with anything in life. You can read all there is to read about a subject, but until you actually start by taking action to put that knowledge to practical use, you’re not going to go anywhere.

Another thing. If I didn’t have any protection pads on, the first few falls I took would have left me battered, bruised and bleeding. But thanks to my protection pads, everything was fine, and I was able to push on harder and skate faster and better than I could have if I didn’t have any protection.

So it’s a good idea to take action and to take it cautiously. Make sure you protect yourself from accidents that can happen along the way. You may never crash, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have that protection…trust me.

What a well earned and deserved reward!

But even rewards can harbor hidden risks.  And like Anna so beautifully illustrates you’d better have the protection you need when they show up.  That is why if you’re not covered by The Perpetual Wealth Code™ your well earned and deserved rewards could end up going down a rat hole to be enjoyed by others instead of you and the ones you care for.

At McFie Insurancewe offer to freely show you how The Perpetual Wealth Code™ can work for you because as Anna pointed out:  “You may never crash,” (like Job did) “but if you do, you’ll be glad you have that protection…trust me.”