Croquet, Economic Value Added And Free Cash Flow:

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 The game of croquet is a blast.

I remember when I first met Michele we got together at her parents’ home and played a game of croquet. And we have been playing croquet ever since.  An interesting observation that we’ve discovered over the years is that the croquet sets are becoming more and more expensive to purchase while the quality of the sets is going downhill.

Sunday I was at the local sporting goods store to pick up a new croquet set, so we could play a game.  And you guessed it, the quality of the wickets and construction of the mallets was worse than ever.  They were flimsier and the workmanship was poorer than the last set we had purchased 5 to 6 years ago.  The lack of value for the price paid was pathetic.  One game later the mallets were showing signs of damage and cracking.

This lack of value got me to thinking about Economic Value Added (EVA):  The metric that so many use to measure “financial performance based on residual wealth calculated by deducting cost of capital from operating profit.”[i]

Now don’t get me wrong.  EVA is a great metric and using it is certainly better than using nothing.  But focusing on EVA too closely will distract you from the more important metric.  The metric that is essential in generating growth not simply profits.  Of course, that metric is Free Cash Flow, the KING of all metrics when it comes to money management, value and wealth generation.

“Free cash flow (FCF) is the measure of financial performance calculated as; operating cash flow minus capital expenditures.”[ii]  This is the money or capital that is left over at the end of the day.  And it can be used to increase the value of your business OR your personal net worth.  To put it in plain English: Free cash flow is money that can be spent on growing your business (or personal wealth) while profits are something you must pay taxes on before you can spend or use it.

And that is where McFie Insuranceis so unique from all the rest of the pack who are out their selling the world permanent life insurance.  At McFie Insurancewe understand the importance of participating whole life insurance ownership, but we realize it’s not the only metric that you should use if you really intend to increase your net worth.  In fact, doing so may lead you to purchasing a policy similar to the croquet set I purchased this past Sunday.  And just like I did, you’ll find out it breaks down and doesn’t fair well with normal use.

When you team up with McFie Insuranceyou get the benefits of owning permanent whole life insurance with all the guaranteed rights of participation that come with any other agent or agency that is selling participating whole life insurance.  But here’s the big difference.  At McFie Insuranceyou’re also teaming up with those who understand that Free Cash Flow is the most important metric that you must use in order to generate and produce the kind of wealth that you need for your future AS WELL AS your living expenses today.

We are different than the rest because we care about you.  In fact, you don’t even have to own a life insurance policy to benefit from what the Team here at McFie Insurancecan offer you.   We know that helping others generate Free Cash Flow by leveraging their own money (whether that money is in participating whole life insurance or not) is the key to generating the value and wealth that they are looking for and really need.  And that is why we focus on Perpetual Wealth Code™.  The Perpetual Wealth Code™ sets McFie Insuranceapart from the others because we know and understand the difference between EVA and Free Cash Flow.  Discovering that difference for yourself is critical to your financial future.

And some final words about that croquet set.  Today I found some real quality croquet sets on the Internet, and I invested in them because life is too short to have your game stopped short because of equipment failure.  Your financial game is too critical to have it destroyed because of inferior equipment.  If you aren’t using the Perpetual Wealth Code™ today call 702-660-7000 because the Perpetual Wealth Code™ could be the quality equipment that you’ve been looking for to compete at a higher level and Win Your Financial GAME.