Consistent Persistency

Time and time again we find that those who succeed best in this life are those who never give up.  They bulldog their way through the toughest times and, come hell or high water, they do whatever it takes to make it happen.  This isn’t to say they are callous or uncaring people, just determined.  Determined that whatever comes their way, their success will be that much sweeter.

There are others who breathe a different kind of air than this.  Sordidly, it is these folks that believe equality means that if you have it, they should too, regardless of the energy, effort or expense it might cost you to forfeit whatever it is they demand. Unfortunately, it is this later mindset of people that keeps politicians, collectivists and lobbyist in power.

Now before we get up on our high-horse and begin pointing fingers at who is who and what group such and such a person belongs to, we must take a long hard look at numero uno.  And the reason for this is because each of us have a tendency to be both consistent and persistent at some times and a complete leech at other times.

Think about it.  Each one of us has learned to eat, walk, talk, dress, sleep and do other things that takes consistent persistency.  And yet we’ve all been blameworthy when it comes to wishing that it wasn’t quite so difficult at times to accomplish what we really want to get accomplished. So relax and realize that neither of these two mindsets are uniquely separate from the other.  In fact, they are the opposite sides of the same coin.

If you are always attempting to get something for nothing, then you will be most miserable.  Full of blame, lame excuses and dissatisfaction with life in general and never experiencing joy, contentment or lasting happiness.   Yet, if you find yourselves too proud to accept a gift or compliment from someone else, your life is way too self-centered.  We all need to receive, if for no other reason than to give others the opportunity to give. But more importantly, none of us are an island to ourselves.  We need others, not just to survive but to thrive.

Obviously then, if you find yourself always on the receiving end of things in life then your consistent persistency needs some mojo if you want to find success, fulfillment and contentment in life.

When you experience the accomplishment of doing something from start to finish, you’ll discover what real happiness is.   Be careful, it becomes addictive!

But it’s not addictive in a bad way but rather a productive and valuable way.

Contrarily, if you can’t take advice, criticism or compliments from others, watch out.  Life is going to get tougher and lonelier for you.  Nobody is self-sufficient enough to live without the input, interruption or interaction that others provide.  In fact, it is these things that make our life more fluid, fun and fortunate.

All this pertains to financial matters as well.  Many seek to find ways that they can get rich or wealthy without consistent persistency.  There is no short cut!  Being lazy, or too undisciplined to decide to save more money is no better than hoping to get rich in the market or at somebody else’s expense.  After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, as the saying goes. Yes, there will most likely always be someone willing to take care of you if you don’t save and manage your money the way you should.  But this you can be guaranteed:  They will never take care of you as you could have taken care of yourself had you been more consistent and persistent.

Don’t count on the market to give you the return that only consistent persistency can provide you.  Determine to save what you need so you can manage your own money and create the success, fulfillment and happiness that you really desire.