Wow! A lot is packed into that little word: Promise, guarantee, assurance, faithfully avow, contractual bind, obligate, and pledge just to name a few. And yet today, many people have “committed” to so many things that they risk not making any one of them as good as they could be. We run helter-skelter, to every ball game, music recital, performance and activity trying to show our commitment, but too often end up demonstrating our lack of commitment to anything except running helter-skelter.

Consequently, I admire parents who limit their children to one or two extracurricular obligations, as it allows their children to develop commitment. Children, by nature, are non-committal and will run here and there dabbling in anything and everything, without proper guidance and supervision. But even more importantly, placing limitations on children, provides them an opportunity to succeed and excel in something. And that is something that every single human being needs to experience in order to be happy.

Commitment, time and effort are inseparable. You can’t be committed without obligating your time and putting forth energy. And because time and energy are limited resources it behooves us to wisely refrain from making commitments that will take away from the time and energy that we are required to spend already. If we fail in this, then we will notice our life becoming more and more hectic and less fulfilling, instead of becoming more gratifying and successful.

Success is matchless. It is something that nobody desires less of, instead it is something they want more of. It is a powerful antidote for depression, anxiety, poverty, and a host of other social diseases that plague our society. And interestingly enough, your success quotient increases the more committed you become. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither was any other achievement. Fascinatingly, the day to day, moment by moment commitment necessary to become successful is derived because of your determination.

Determination means making decisions or choices. Interestingly, the words decision, decide, and choice all have to do with “cutting something out” not adding something more to your life. Making the decision to cut out something, and not diluting your commitment to what is most important to you, makes all the difference in the world as to whether you’ll experience the success you are looking for or failure.

• Not happy in a relationship? How much energy and time are you committing to something or someone else, that is robbing you of the joy your relationship could provide?
• Not happy with results of a project? How much energy and time have you committed to other things, social media or other activities that are not helping move the project you are anticipating on to success?
• Not happy with the amount of money you have to manage and control? How much time and energy have you committed to changing that?

We reap what we sow in life regardless of whether we accept this fact or not. Apples don’t come from weeds and grapes are not harvested off thorn bushes. Being more focused on what we are committed to today will assure us that we harvest the grapes and apples we desire instead of bitter herbs and nettles that naturally come without true commitment.

Owning participating whole life insurance is a commitment. Getting distracted by rates of return and speculation, will decrease your ability to stay committed to the product that pledges you a contractual guarantee, delivers you assurance for the future, and promises to take better than average care of your dollar in the meantime. The more you comprehend the value of these words, the more you will be able to experience the success you are looking for in life financially.
Intriguingly, the more committed you become to owning participating whole life insurance the more the probability rises of you becoming successful with other financial opportunities as well. This is a universal law which all can benefit from.
• Commitment to small things will develop greater things to be committed to.

Running helter-skelter from one event to another with our children destroys our ability to develop a successful and committed family life together. So too, running helter-skelter chasing the market, for the next best and latest investment or money making scheme will keep you from developing the successful and committed money management system necessary for you to keep and sustain more of the money you DO make. And as Will Rogers pertinently stated, “I am more concerned with the RETURN of my money than the rate of return on my money.”

Keeping more of the money you make falls right in line with the commitment Warren Buffet has willing shared with us all.
1. Never lose money.
2. Never forget rule number one.

With commitments like these, participating whole life insurance becomes the one thing that you can trust to take care of your money for you without any concerns about how much you’ll lose in the next market correction or downturn. You don’t have to concern yourself with losing your money because it will always be there for you, if you are committed to paying your premiums and any interest on policy loans you might take against your policy.

If you can’t commit to those simple principles, then participating whole life insurance isn’t for you. That is because money only comes to those who are committed to earning it. Yes, some get their money through deceitful and dishonest measures. They have their reward coming, and you don’t want any part of that.

But obviously, if you want to have a bright financial future and you are committed to making it so, participating whole life insurance has a definite role to play in your life because it is the only tool that can promise, guarantee, assure, faithfully avow to, contractually bind, obligate and pledge, to you that your money will grow, remain secure, and be sustainable enough for you to depend upon, both now and in the future. And if that isn’t enough commitment for you, then nothing is.