Always Learning Yet Never Coming to The Full Knowledge of Truth

We all are instructed to add to our faith, virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance a devotion to God and then finally a concern and love for others. Why in this order? And why not love and concern for others first?  Look around you today, and you will discover the answer.

Thousands of people, many of them in their teens, are proclaiming to have a genuine concern and love for others but have absolutely no knowledge and very little self-control.  I don’t claim to know what their devotion to God is, but it is obvious they are not participating in virtuous behavior, either personally or towards others.

Perhaps this is because they have lost any faith that they may have had, or perhaps it’s because they never had any faith to begin with.  But regardless of faith or absence of faith, the behavior, shown by many of these progressives, details why there is a proper order to follow if we want the concern and love that we proclaim to have for others to actually benefit them instead of merely drowning them out, dominating them, or coercively forcing others to comply with our world view.  This is true in the financial world as well as in the political world.

Haughty, over-confident financial planners, advisors and professionals tend to drown out rational thinking with their speculations. They dictate instead of advise, and they administrate using fear tactics to boost compliance to their half-baked philosophy concerning money and its management. Some accomplish this better than others due to their charisma, charm, and/or the fact that the media fully supports their mode of operando.  Perhaps those who cower to such propaganda deserve what they get, but we have high hopes that people will discover the truth because the truth is what will set them free.

When starting a foundation of faith, AKA a belief that there is a right and wrong, a good and a bad, a correct and a corrupt alternative, is essential if you are going to create a solid basis on which to build.  Of course, building with the right, good and correct methods is the virtuous thing to do, which will allow any knowledge learned or gained to be properly sifted so that only accurate, beneficial and helpful knowledge is retained and the average stuff is thrown away and discarded.  Remember that Adam and Eve both bit into some very fascinating knowledge, but it didn’t help their circumstances nor did it benefit their family either.  Knowing this, we need to exercise self-control so that we can persevere and succeed.  Then, through our devotion to God, our purpose will remain pure and noble, permitting us to share and express real genuine concern for others in love without overwhelming them or suffocating their personal liberty or freedom.

This is our approach as we assist others in becoming better money managers.  We don’t want to overwhelm, drown out, or dominate you, your ideas, your passions or your abilities.  We do want to encourage you to discover that you can keep more of the money you are making, and will make in the future, because we know that this will permit you to fulfill more of the desires God has placed in your heart to accomplish.

Ours is not a progressive idea or concept.  Rather, we adhere to ancient time proven methods established in truth, inviting others to open them, explore them, embrace them and implement them, and, in so doing, enjoy and delight in the independence, freedom and open mindedness provided to them both for today and the future.

Fear, greed, anxiousness and trepidation are the tools of insatiable progressives, who never let a good tragedy slip by without opportunistically taking another bite out of your liberty and another dollar out of your pocket.  But as history loudly proclaims, it is those who take hold of responsibility who enjoy the greatest freedom and wealth.  A freedom and wealth that progressives can only dream about in their Utopia.

Everyone is encouraged, but relatively few ever accept the responsibility necessary, to journey down this path less traveled.  Stop to consider those around you. What levels of success and wealth are the masses experiencing? This reflection only takes a few moments, because most people are NOT enjoying the success they dream of having. In fact, most have given-up! And that is exactly what progressives want, because once hope is destroyed, progressives can rule as they wish.

That is why we continue to passionately share and teach the things we do about money and money management.  America was built on personal liberty and freedom.  And there is no other place where liberty and freedom express themselves more openly than in money (the ability to exchange value freely) and the management of your money (the liberty to create more and more value through free exchange).   By limiting your ability to keep more of what you make and regulating who is qualified and who is not qualified to be your money manager, progressives have nearly killed the American principle of equality. You have not only the right but the ability to manage your own money, and in doing so you can keep more of what you make.  And if you accept that basic faith-based fact, then you are ready to begin building the wealth that God gave you the desire to build from the beginning.