A “Moses” Experience

Imagine God calling Moses up to the top of the Mountain and imparting the minutiae of Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Science or any other advanced scientific theory.  Or, think about what would have happened if God had decided to share with Moses an exhaustive Google Map of the world to distribute among the Israelites.   How valuable would that have been?

Of course, it isn’t because God couldn’t have done any of those things, it was because He knew is wasn’t pertinent for Him to share any of those things.  Instead God revealed to Moses what WAS germane NOT something merely new.  And by the way, God talking with Moses on the Mountain was something new. He even told Moses so, “I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name LORD (YHWH) I did not make myself fully known to them.”[i]

Now there isn’t anyone who has the honor of holding the keys to all knowledge like God does.  But when new knowledge is discovered, it is important that it be discerningly disseminated.  Not out of an arrogant or selfish protectionism, but because new knowledge can be confusing or even misunderstood, rather than elucidating, if not approached correctly. Put bluntly, without building a proper foundation new or additional knowledge tends to exacerbate and frustrate instead of liberate.  In other words, you don’t jump to Calculus without studying Algebra and you can’t skip basic Arithmetic and ever hope to discover the beauty of advanced mathematics.

The same is true about the Perpetual Wealth Code™.  You can’t expect to benefit from the full value of the Perpetual Wealth Code™ without experiencing the power of saving at least 10% of your income.  And until you totally realize that saving merely 10% of your income will never be enough for you to sustain your lifestyle in the future, attempting to create cash flow with the Perpetual Wealth Code™ will most likely be exacerbating and frustrating.

Obviously, the knowledge needed to produce good cash flow isn’t difficult, it is merely NEW to you.  And as something new for you, you have to be willing and patient enough to discover each of the steps required to optimize the full benefits, of your “Moses” experience on the mountain top.  But once there, you will see the vast possibilities that avail you.  In other words, the journey is valuable and well worth the effort.

You know, Moses, once he came down from the mountain, got a second call to climb again.  This time when Moses climbed the mountain, God showed him the magnificent and beautiful designs for the Temple.  Wow!  Talk about minutiae and detail.  But without that first trip up the mountain the second trip would have been a futile waste of time, both for God and Moses.

So a first “Moses” experience for you might be discovering that you are worth 10% of what you earn.  But you have to prove that to yourself by actually “climbing the mountain” and actually saving 10% of your income before you are ready for the second revelation.  Going too fast, skipping, or not building the right foundation will jeopardize, exacerbate or frustrate you.  This can lead to discouragement and/or disappointment which can cause you to fail.

We don’t want you to fail.  We want you to be fully liberated so you can enjoy the labors of your own hands exactly the way God intended for us all to do.  So, wherever you are today financially; rich, poor or somewhere between those two, realize that by taking “one step at a time” you can get to where you want to be.  The mentors here at McFie Insuranceare here to assist you along the way.  They can prevent you from climbing the mountain too fast or losing your footing on a loose or unstable piece of “knowledge” or information.   You can trust us; we are not going to present Quantum Mechanics or force you into Calculus before you’ve mastered basic Arithmetic.  That is because we’ve been where you are.  We realize that your “Moses” Experience, IS NOT about how much knowledge we can impress you with.  No, your, “Moses” experience will result in the fact that you have been exposed to pertinent knowledge, at the right time, in the right place and in the right setting so that you can reach the summit and enjoy the beauty and magnificence that awaits you.

[i] Exodus 6:3