The  #1 Hazard of “Going With the Flow”

It’s amazing!  Most people choose never to push against what they perceive to be the prevailing behavior, norm or belief of their current culture.  Tragically, going with the flow has become the predominant behavior when it comes to money and finances as well.  And this #1 hazard prevents people from discovering the truth about many things, money being amongst the foremost.   Often the very first objection heard from someone who is considering adopting and applying the Perpetual Wealth Code™ is, “Why isn’t everybody else doing this?” or “If this is so great why haven’t I ever heard about it?”

Well, the obvious answer to both of those questions is, “Why isn’t everybody you know wealthy, if what they are doing works so well?” and “If you had heard about the Perpetual Wealth Code™ sooner and applied it to your circumstances, you currently would be more well-off today than you are.”  But those answers, though absolutely accurate, do nothing to assist you in moving up from the status quo and become someone who is willing to put aside prevailing beliefs, behaviors and norms in order to become better-off tomorrow than you are today.

In Chapter Two of Winning Your Financial GAME  “going with the flow” takes on a new meaning because just being laid back and easy going is never going to help you generate the cash flow that you need to become more prosperous.  That is because most people’s money is flowing away from them as fast or faster than they can earn it, with no opportunity to keep any of it.  And so they remain victims of the modern day “going with the flow” beliefs, norms and behaviors, trapped in a zero sum game that is designed to keep them working hard in order to live an average or below average lifestyle all their life.  But there is a better way to go with the flow and here it is.

Currency denotes a flow of something and it just so happens to be another name for money.  Currency, or money, can represent the value of anything that is being exchanged or transmitted (flowed) from one person or entity to another.  But currency in our society specially refers to money.   It is this value placed on money that has made the concept of cash flow being king in reference to building wealth (i.e., value) in a business or your own personal life.

Like all other things that flow in nature, a current is created because of that flow. Water flows downhill, your blood flows as it is pumped through your arteries by your heart, air flows up or down depending on the pressure in the atmosphere and the list goes on and on.  Because money abides by the same universal principles that other forms of circulation abide by, all it takes to profit from the circulation of money (cash flow) is to position yourself to be where and when the highs and lows occur, downhill from the flow, and where the arteries lead to in order for you to benefit from the natural flow of money (cash flow).   Doing so will direct the flow towards you instead of it being diverted or channeled somewhere else….away from you.

This is what the Perpetual Wealth Code™ accomplishes for those willing to confront their own current beliefs, behaviors and accepted norms and reposition themselves to become the recipients of the natural flow of money in their life instead of remaining the victims of money flowing through their life.

As genuine circulation can only take place in a closed system, it is important to discover what that closed system looks like and behaves like when it comes to money.  Try keeping your blood circulating without arteries and veins. Try keeping the water cycle flowing without gravity.  Or try to keep air currents flowing without an atmosphere.  Finally try to keep money without circulating it.  Watch how quickly it loses its value.  A “$100 taken out of circulation in 1980 and returned to circulation in 2015 only has 35% of it’s original value.  That means it would take $288.00 to purchase in 2015 what $100 would have purchased in 1980”[i]  ($288 X .35 = $100.)

Take a moment now and tally up your own savings, investments and retirement account balances.

  1. How much of the cash flow, that your money is creating, are you benefiting from?
  2. Can you access your money anytime you need to without hindering the current cash flow?
  3. Do you know where your money is being circulated? (Mutual Funds, 401(k) and IRA accounts often circulate your money in places you may not morally or ethically approve for investment.)
  4. What can you do with your money today to increase flow and value?
  5. How much is your money going to be worth in 15 or 20 years (go to: and plug in your values to the Passive Income Calculator to find out.)
  6. Are you satisfied with this future value?

If you are not happy with this future value, then call 702-660-7000 today.  We can help.

[i] United States Department of Labor Inflation Calculator: