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Attorney Interview (mp3)

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Why it makes sense to build “equity” in a life insurance policy & how life insurance can help protect your social security from income taxes.

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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to the Perpetual Wealth Code

Free PDF guide with more info about
the Perpetual Wealth Code and how to get started.

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Policy Review

Policy Review

Review of your policy or an illustration so you can find out exactly what products you have, or understand what you’re getting into. As of 2023 we charge $45 for a policy review.

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Actual Inflation Rate - Open

Use this calculator to get the real inflation rate on specific items or purchases. Inflation affects everyone differently depending on timing and what things you buy/sell.

Social Security - Open

Will your social security benefits be taxable? Use this calculator to see. Tax deferred retirement plans tend to increase tax liability on social security benefits because contributions are tax deferred and considered income upon withdrawal.

Passive Income - Essential - Advanced

This calculator helps you work with projections for future passive income. You’ll probably want to try a few examples to get the best idea of what needs to happen between now and your golden years.

The Advanced Version includes more control over fees, inflation and other factors.

Strategy Session with McFie Insurance Team

This is your personal one-on-one web meeting with someone from our family office to customize a life insurance policy for you. The policy is designed directly in front of you using your specific numbers and with consideration of your financial needs so you will know what type of policy it is, how it is designed and how it works.

There are no canned presentations or boring material… this is your personal time to ask questions and discuss strategies, ideas and plans.

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