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Term Life Insurance

For temporary coverage, term life insurance provides protection with no cash value or growth. It can be purchased as a one-year renewable or, 10-30yr level premium. At the end of the term period, premiums will become much higher and, if premiums are not paid, coverage will expire.

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Participating Whole Life Insurance

For those who want to leave a financial legacy, build guaranteed tax-free growth and have access to their money. Participating Whole Life Insurance policies are highly customizable and important components of a well balanced financial portfolio.

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An annuity is a form of insurance that provides a person with an income for a lifetime, a specific period, or a combination of the two. Fixed Guaranteed Annuities provide a guaranteed income stream without any market risk. Indexed and Variable annuities, carry market risk.  McFie Insurance only sells Fixed Guaranteed Annuities.

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Disability Insurance

For those who want income protection for themselves and their family. Disability insurance will provide you with a monthly benefit in the case you become disabled and can not work. Monthly payments are paid for the duration of your disability, or for the specified length of the policy, whichever is sooner. 

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